Sooke, BC

Sooke, Vancouver Island,
British Columbia


The community of Sooke is located on the southern tip of Vancouver Island, in Super, Natural British Columbia, Canada. Sooke is named for the T'Sou-ke Indian Band, the early inhabitants of the area. The name T'Sou-ke" was given to a species of stickleback fish that, at one time, was quite numerous in Sooke Basin.
Traditionally, the area's industries have been logging, lumbering and fishing. Today, tourism is a major factor in the local economy.
Sooke enjoys one of the most moderate climates in Canada. Typically warm and dry in summer, the fall months, too, are generally very pleasant. Winters are usually mild with frequent rainfall, some frost, and only occasional snow. The region, from East Sooke, west to the small surrounding communities of Jordan River and Port Renfrew, has a population of 10,000.
There is an array of cottage industries in the area, as well as some small manufacturing and light industry. Much of Sooke's population today is made up of people from across the country who have visited the area and then chosen to make Sooke their home.
The Sooke community supports a wide variety of interests and talents, and there are many service groups and organizations in the area. Music, drama, arts and crafts, golf, archery, photography, gardening and team sports are among the focus of approximately one hundred such groups and clubs in Sooke. The Sooke Regional Historical Museum, a major annual juried Fine Arts Show and a Regional Library offer additional interest. The area's community school, offers both credit and non-credit courses. Sooke's diversity offers something for everyone.
BC Transit offers excellent bus service, several times daily, between Sooke and Victoria, the capital city of BC. The area publishes one weekly newspaper, and is home to several churches, three elementary schools, one middle school and one high school. A full range of retail shops, restaurants, business and professional services are also available in Sooke. As well, there are many bed and breakfasts, marinas, and hiking trails in Sooke. The region is well served by several volunteer fire departments, and is policed by the RCMP.



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