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As a founding member of the Sooke Community Arts Council, Edward Milne Community School Society provides a professional and user-friendly venue for local performing artists. Last season, the Sooke Community Theatre was booked by the community for 44 live performances in addition to the nine outside artists that we presented. The Key community presenters are Stagewest Players, the Sooke Community Choir and the Sooke Philharmonic Orchestra.

Stagewest Players

Sooke Philharmonic Orchestra

These three groups have come together under the sponsorship of the EMCS Society to form the SOOKE PERFORMING ARTS GROUP (SPAG). The group includes representation from all of the performing arts groups in Sooke. Its funds are managed by the EMCS Society and held in their Special Projects fund. SPAG's main goal is to encourage local participation in the performing arts by developing and showcasing local talent in a professional performing arts environment and by providing youth with opportunities to experience and participate in all aspects of the performing arts.

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